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    Trying to load an excel file with a title row above the column heading row

      i am trying to load an excel file into qlikview that has been generated by another system.  The first row is a multi-column header with an extra column  that doesn't appear in the main data portion.  when i delete the 1st row in the script as garbage, i lose all the column headings in the second row, as well as all of my data after loading.  the only way i seem to be able to load the data is to manually delete the 1st row in excel, which i don't want to do every time i reload - i am pretty sure that qlikview is able to manage the file as generated but i can't seem to make it work?  can anyone please help?  if this is not the right forum, please help ,as i can't see any other place to post a question.  thank you.