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        arjun rao


        Please read this. It will clarify your doubt. Thank you.

        Document license:

        The Document license is, again, a Named User license. However, it restricts the

        named user to one named QlikView document. One named user can be assigned

        one license each for multiple documents and each document can have licenses for

        multiple users.

        At $350 per license (at the time of this writing), this can be a cost-effective way

        of getting one application out to many users. While that may sound expensive

        compared to some other products, it is worth noting that a Document license

        user can still create their own content within the context of the document.

        The ratio of just under 4:1 between the cost of Document license and Named User

        license means that, if any of your users require access to four or more documents,

        then a Named User license would be more cost effective than multiple Document

        licenses. Indeed, many customers will deploy Named User licenses to avoid the

        potential hassle of managing the association of user to document.

        Courtesy-Qlikview Server and Publisher

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          jagan mohan rao appala


          As long as your license you will have Document CAL, there is no restriction on time period. 




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              Mohammad Khatimiti


              There is no restriction on time period.


              A Document CAL is assigned to a unique and identified user (see Identification (page 84)

              for information on how users are identified) who may access only the one QlikView

              document to which the Document CAL is assigned. Multiple Document CALs can be

              assigned to a particular user. For example, if a user connects to two QlikView documents,

              the user will have been assigned two Document CALs. A Document CAL may be

              transferred to another user pursuant to the software licensing agreement, in which case there

              is a 24-hour quarantine before the Document CAL can be transferred to another user. There

              is no time limit for how long a user assigned a Document CAL can access the QlikView

              document to which the CAL is assigned.