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    Line graph scales are not detailed when Zoom In



      I have a general question regarding a "zoom in" for more details in the Y - Axis , and I will explain :

      If I have several values like 10,177,177.5,178.2, 208,2000, 2300 - It is clear that the Y-Axis will show values between zero (or greater -  irrelevant) to ~3000 and the jump\gap between the greed lines will be big   BUT why when I zoom in to a specific time which includes the values 177,177.5 , 178.2  the 3 points are shown between 2 greed line (in the Y-Axes)  from 10 existing greed lines.

      When zoom in most of the upper and lower space in the line graph in empty, I would expect to see that the greed line will be in smaller gaps,  (like  from 176 to 180 with 0.5 between the greed lines.


      A real other example in the attached files, I would have expected that in the 'After Zoom In"  the Y-Axis will be more detailed between



      I know of property scales static Min\Max but I need flexibility since my values are varied and Zoom In \Zoom out according to user's needs.


      Nir Gil