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    User unable to create App - "no response was received from the server"

    Simon Hogg

      This is a new-ish installation of Qlik Sense, and one of my first users is unable to create an App.


      The error they are getting is;

      No response from the server

      No response was received from the server when attempting to create the app. Please try again if the app was not created.


      03-09-2015 18-02-39.png


      I have tried opening up the security roles - there is an role for App_* for !user.IsAnonymous() with the permission of Create.


      It seems to me like there might be some sort of access problem on the server - do I have to change folder/file permissions to allow the users to create their apps?  My server is running under system account and I can't find anything about this in the installation guides I have.