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    Need help - one to many -two metrics - actual vs budget - two different sources

    RajQlikview 11

      Hi All,

      Thanks for your time, Could anyone please suggest the best approach for the following scenario

      TABLE 1 - This source file includes the data for expenses or actual for a given chargeID for each month, each employee, each department, each cost category etc - we are only interested in showing the expense amount for the following

      Department, Cost Category, Cost Element, Month - for now we want to look at these only and the sum of expense


      **Many rows for a given ChargeID



      TABLE 2- This source includes the data for the budget at the chargeID level and includes Department, Node, Project Owner as other attributes and the budget amount - so when we look at the

      Department level - budget is the sum of all the chargeID's

      Node - budget is the sum of all the ChargeID's

      Project - budget is the sum of all the ChargeID's


      * One row for a given ChargeID


      If it was like a reference table I can use APPLYMAP function and get the descrtion field (something like this) - but here I have the metric or fact in my other table


      could anyone please suggest a good way of handling this - attached data

      thanks a lot for your time