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    Nprinting error: "Error while connecting to mail server..."



      I am trying to make use of nprinting for the first time. I have a Named User CAL and an NPrinitng license.


      On my machine I have the following:

      - The NPrinting Designer

      - Qlikview with a QV User License (leased from the server)

      I managed to created the required NPrinting report on my machine. I also created the Recipients and a Report Task.


      On the same server that I use for Qlikview I have:

      -  The NPrinting server with an active license


      The problem that I am having is that when I manually run a report task, or using a schedule I get the following error:

      "Error while connecting to mail server: Verify internet access and E-Mail settings in QlikView NPrinting Options (<unknown[]>: Client host rejected: Access denied)"


      Does emailing need to be set up form the NPrinting Designer or the NPrinting Server?