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    SVG map extension - missing countries

    CJ Kenny

      Hi All


      I'm using the SVP map extension and have come across a few missing countries. Am after some advice on how I can fix this.


      1. Montenegro.

      This country does not appear in the world map (using ISO country code ME) but it does appear in the Europe map, so the country code is correct. 


      Is there something I can change in the extension code to get Monetenegro in the world map? (I'm not very familiar with the backend of extensions)


      2. Kosovo

      These countries do not appear on either the world or Europe maps.  This one could be because we're using the wrong ISO country codes (XK and XS).  According to the internet these are temporary ISO codes so it could be that we've got the wrong ones.  However, I've tried different codes I've come across (KS) and these don't work either.   I had this problem with Serbia as well until I found the correct code to use is RS instead of XS.  So I think I'm just missing the correct ISO country code


      How can I find out what country codes the extension is using for Kosovo?