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    Equivalent to LOOKUP or APPLYMAP in charts or variables

      Both functions LOOKUP and APPLYMAP can only be used in the script according to what I have been finding here in the forums.


      I would need the equivalent of them to apply to a variable.

      The situation is:


      a) there is a special financial calendar where there is a direct relationship between the WeekID and the MonthID

      Meaning: for every WeekID there is one specific MonthID. For example:

      WeekID MonthID


      3 15

      4 15

      5 16

      6 16

      7 16


      b) The user selects one week ( vSelectedWeek ) and the variable vSelectedMonth should calculate the respective MonthID


      Something like:

      lookup the value in the column MonthID

      when the value in the column WeekID

      is equal to the variable vSelectedWeek

      in the table with those columns TABLE_WEEKID_MONTHID


      vSelectedMonth =Lookup( 'MonthID', 'WeekID', $(SelectedWeek), 'TABLE_WEEKID_MONTHID' )


      In the script, this is a classical situation for the MAPPING LOAD and APPLYMAP but the problem is that the vSelectedMonth is a variable to be dinamically adjusted by the user and (here is the difficulty) only indirectly through the variable vSelectedWeek.


      Any ideas?

      Thank you