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    limit data that is plotted in line chart

    Mark Rudolphi

      Is it possible to limit the data plotted for one field of a dimension but not another?




      Plotting in a line chart actuals and forecasts of different markets.  Dimension are the combination of  'Markets' and 'Scenario' plotted by month.  Expression is the price.


      Assume Scenarios can be Actual, Forecast1, Forecast2, etc... and Markets can be Apples, Oranges, Grapes, etc....


      Actual is updated each month with the latest actual data.  Each forecast is a combination of actuals (at the time of the forecast) and forecasts for the remaining months in the year (example Forecast2 is 2 months of actuals and 10 months of forecast).


      Lets say its now Sept and I have actuals through August.  I plot all my past forecasts along with the actual scenario (lets say for just the Apples market).   What I would like to do is use a variable (or something) that will limit the plotting of Actuals to a specific month.  Say I only want to plot actuals through June even though I have actuals through August. I want to see the full year plotted of my forecasts but I want actuals to stop at June.


      Can this be done?