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    How to convert my existing Table to chart ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      How to convert Table to chart ?



      Hi All



      I have a Balance sheet table , now i like to convert to line chart , so i can see the trend.



      I have below script , which is working fine , and return stock amount = 1.751 K ( when i select yr=2015 and month= july )




            if([Exec P&L Level] = 's','',Sum({$<YearMonth = {"<=$(=Date(addmonths(Max({$}[YearMonth]),-0),'YY MMM'))"}, month = ,year=>}[Amount]*-1)/1000)

      , $(vMoneyFormatK_GL))





      Since the above table only display stock for 1 month at a time. i like to view the stock by month for last 12 month.



      Now i have create a filter in my load script :-



      If([Reporting Code]>=50010 and [Reporting Code]<=50011,'sTOCK'

      ) as [sTOCK],



      So when i activate sTOCK , it will filer all stock amount value.



      Now i want to plot the stock by month. Can some one advise me ?



      So i can see the stock trend by month.