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    Filter values in List Box


      I guess there is a simple solution for this need but I am knew to Qlik.


      1.I have a list box in which I wish to present only few values (Like X, Y, Z) from the total Field's list.

      (Like 'CompanyA', 'CompanyD'  and 'CompanyR' from the Company list).

      I have tried to select <Expression> in General > Field  and in the expression to insert something like

      sum ({<Company={'CompanyA', 'CompanyD' ,'CompanyR'}>}Company

      But I guess SUM is not the relevant expression.


      2. I have the same issue in a Chart table (Maybe I should use a different object?)  in which I want to show only a single property of a container.

      The expressions are Container Name, Container Property and ContainerPropertyValue  and I wish to show only the Container Property=Date1 and the relevant date in the ContainerPropertyValue


      Thank you,


      Nir GL