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    TreeMap usage and application

    Yeo Poh sai

      HI All


      After I play with treemap I notice that it is not as useful as I though , because it auto filter unlike bar chart it does not . May be some one can share with me how to fully use of this treemap ?




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          Hi Paul,


          i got a use of the treemap, it's for a helpdesk ticket analisys.


          Each ticket opened by the helpdesk have a subject on severla level, examples

          • Software / Microsoft Office  / excel / macro / problem descriptions
          • Hardware / computers / hard drives / problem deswcription
          • Hardware / printer / tray / problem description


          here we have hundred or thousands of open tickets, and the target is to know wich topics are mostly opened then you need to do folowing :

          • put in dimensions the subject, with only 1 level per dimension, per example dimension 1 will be the 1st level subject (Software OR Hardware), and the second dimesion the next level , etc (the more dimensions you put, the more you can later dig)
          • in the measure put what you like to compare, it can bee the average open time , number of calls for the topics


          This Treemap is useful to dig into the information, here the larger the surface will be , the more attention it need to get, and you can select one subject a time to get more granularity  So, if you want more precise information on the subject  you have to enlarge an area that's why, when you select an area it zoom on this only area.


          I hope this will help you