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    AppID and streams - republishing to alternate stream use case

    Andrew Ferguson

      Consider this use case.


      1. App XYZ published to Stream-1.
      2. Single Configurator utility used to get direct URL to this application on the Qlik Server, e.g.
      3. URL to access the app is provided to developers for other internal systems, so that those systems can link across to App XYZ in Stream-1 on the Qlik server.
      4. Requirement to publish App XYZ to a different stream: Stream-2.  Perhaps App XYZ was published to Stream-1 in error.  Because there is no ability to "unpublish" a published app, nor any ability to move it to a different stream, the only option is to duplicate App XYZ and publish this copy to Stream-2, then delete the original copy from Stream-1.  This means the copy of App XYZ in Stream-2 has a newly generated AppId and the URL link provided to developers in Step 3 is no longer valid.  Developers will need to update their links to switch the new AppId for the old one.


      QUESTION: Why is there no facility to either (1) move a published application between streams, thereby preserving its AppId; or (2) unpublish a published app then republish to a different stream, which would preserve its AppId, meaning no need to udpate any direct URL links.


      Preserving an application's AppId on the server is crucial for maintaining working links from third-party systems, as described above.