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    Hierarchy Bottom Level Depth



      hopefully someone of you can help me :-)

      I successfully created a hierarchy. Now I Need to know in a field the entries of the bottomline (Last Node used).

      (See Photo: A field only containing the entries with numbers)

      Problem: Sometimes it is Depths 2, sometimes Depths 3


      How can I make this work.

      I searched the QlikCommunity but couldnt find anything similar.


      Thanks in advance.


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          Tresesco B

          You probably have a string field with separator behind this, something like this:

          Total Function Total Function/01 Sales....

          Total Function Total Function/ProdMaint..../02 Production.


          For such strings you can check for the last string separated by the delimiter, using : SubField(FieldValue, '/', -1) . This will give you a string wich is last node.

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              Hi tresesco,


              unfortunately I dont get it to work. would you please help me?

              Where should this be put in (I would call it D_CODE)?

              Here my Code:

              //Functions als Hierarchie laden
              replace Hierarchy (D_CodeID, D_ParentID, D_NodeName, D_ParentName, D_Pathsource, D_PATH, '/', Depth)
              LOAD D_CodeID,
              D_CodeID&' '&D_NodeName as D_Pathsource
              SubField( D_PATH, '/', -1) as D_CODE
              [F:\Projekt OptiVision_IFS\C_SETUP Solution IFS Dettingen\Qlikview Simulation\Struktur IFS_NeueFire.xlsx]
              ooxml, embedded labels, table is _CODE_D);

              //Gruppierung der Hierarchie mit einbinden
              HierarchyBelongsto (D_CodeID, D_ParentID, D_Node, D_TreeID, D_Tree, D_DepthDiff)
              LOAD D_CodeID,
              D_NodeName as D_Node
              Resident CODE_D;