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    Execute in QlikSense

      I try to use help for Execute



      The setting.ini is empty as written in help

      ("Settings.ini is located in C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Engine\ and is generally an empty file")


      But also written in help "Check that the file includes [Settings 7] in the first line"

      The file is empty, so I am confused what should I do?

      I don’t succeed use Execute

        • Re: Execute in QlikSense

          Hi Keren,


          I got this working. I've got it working on the free desktop version and on the paid for Server version. I even have a daily reload started from the QMC which fires off a Python script.


          The documentation on Execute is poor and badly written and unfortunately it's split over a couple of pages for the Server.


          Here's what your settings.ini file should look like:


          [Settings 7]



          There should be a blank line at the bottom of the file.


          If you are using Qlik Sense Server, you'll also need to do this in the QMC:


          1. Go to 'Engine'

          2. Select 'Advanced'

          3. Untick 'standard mode'


          Oh and you'll need to restart Qlik Sense Server.


          Hope this helps, good luck!