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    How does this map to the 3 environments (DEV,QA and PROD)

      I was going through the document "Deploying Qlikview.pdf" and I saw the below information.



      Single QlikView Server Deployment


      Server-based deployment of QlikView offers a variety of advantages. Those with a desire to scale


      Qlikview across the enterprise will find server-based deployments, whether via a single server (as


      described here) or on numerous servers (as described later in this paper), a very compelling


      option. For hardware requirements and sizing information for QlikView Servers, please refer to


      the series of papers entitled “Simplifying Analysis on a Massive Scale.”


      When we are assigned with 1 Qlikview Server and 1 Publisher, Is the above architecture will come into place?

      If we want to have an environment called "Pre-Prod" apart from PROD how are we going to manage with 1 Qlikview Server and 1 Publisher and how do we do the installation?


      Qlikview Desktop - Desktop

      Qlikview Server - Its mentioned as Cluster of 2

                                   Prod - Single Server

                                    QA - Single Server


      Prod - Single Server

      QA - Single Server


      and we are going with Virtualizations. In terms of License and Installation, Will the above license suffice for 3 environments?

      Kindly advice me.