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    How can we organize master items in Qlik Sense ?

    Jean-Francois Dierckx

      One of the great features of Qlik Sense is the ability to create master items to store dimensions and expressions to be used for the business user, without needing to have advanced knowledge of the underlying model.


      However, if you build an application, this master item list can become very big.


      Currently, in the Sense interface, the master item list is sorted alphabetically, wich means that the items about customers, about products, about sales, ... are all mixed together. Of course, if you are looking for a specific item, you can always use global search, but you don't see which items belong together.


      Is there a way to "organize" the master item list in hierarchical folders, so that you can group the items that belong together, and allow the end user to find their way more easily in the master item list ?