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    Nprint - PowerPoint error

    Lorna Louw

      hi guys


      I have a problem - I create the NPrint Project, create Connection successful and link to the QV model.


      Then I add images that refer to the Objects in QV (charts, textboxes etc). Preview, save Template and close and all seems fine.


      when I open the template again - it has gone corrupt?! (see pic).


      I have googled the error message, and it says basically, that my Powerpoint has gone corrupt.


      ok - uninstalled and installed PP again.


      Still errors....


      do any of you have the same issue?



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          the attached does not show the error but part of the tempalte which looks correct.  There was another submission by someone who was getting a corrupt error as well but I do not believe it has been resolved.


          can you send a qvw and your nsq or similar file to duplicate the issue?


          At what point do you get therror - can you preview and if so, are there certain formats you can preview in where the error does not occur?


          what version of office are you running?

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            Frank Savino

            This issue generally occur when you are attempting to access a template that is already open in Powerpoint. Therefor the template is locked by MS Office.


            To resolve this issue, please close the MS Office Powerpoint application to unlock the template so that when you open it in NPrinting, the NPrinting template editor will be able open the template normally.


            If you continue to experience technical issues with NPrinting, please contact the Qlik Support Desk at the link below.

            Technical Product Support | Qlik