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    Subtract the result of expressions in 2 variables

    Guilherme Tiscoski



      I have 2 variables: vSumSales and vSumReturned that contain the expressions that returns respectively the sum of sales and sum of returned sales. Using them individually in a straight table works as expected, but when I try to find the difference between the values, the result is what I expect it to be. This is how things are now:


      Expression 1: $(vSumSales) = 12.898.970,46

      Expression 2: $(vSumReturned) = 130.625,33

      Expression 3: $(vSumSales) - $(vSumReturned) = 12.855.488,03 (the correct result should be 12.768.345,13)


      Am I using the wrong syntax on expression 3?