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    Converting a table box into a straight table

      I have created a table box with 30 fields and have renamed every single one of them. Now I got a request to add a calculated dimension which can only be done using a straight table. Is there a way to convert a table box or copy the fields from a table and create a straight table out of it? This way, I won't have to rename the fields.

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          I don't think that's not possible. Perhaps it could be done with a macro. I'm afraid you'll have to create a new straight table from scratch. At least adding the fields as dimensions is straightforward, if a bit repetitive if you have to do it 30 times.


          But look at the bright side. You now know why you should do the renaming of fields in the script so you don't have to manually create labels in the front end.