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    Dynamic Client Access Licences



      I have looked around and found some information on this subject but as yet not been able to find the exact answer to my question.

      If I understand correctly the logic for QlikView to assign a license is:


           dedicated named user CAL | dedicated document CAL | dynamic named user CAL | dynamic document CAL .... etc


      We restrict access to documents using the Windows domain security groups. I understand how dynamic document CALs work BUT what I would like confirmation on;


      If you enable dynamic named user CALs as well as dynamic document CALs I assume you must use named document CALs to prevent QlikView from issuing a dynamic named user CAL in the case of a user who is only able to access one document on our system....?


      I hope that makes sense.




        • Re: Dynamic Client Access Licences
          Colin Albert

          When both dynamic allocation of named Cal's and document Cal's is enabled. Qlikview will allocate a named cal to the user if one is available until all available named Cal's are exhausted, then the system will allocate document Cal's.

          This may not allocate licences to users in the sequence you require.


          If you are enabling automatic allocation of document Cal's, then I would suggest you disable automatic allocation of named Cal's.