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    set analysis vs if

    Michael Ionkin

      Hello community


      lately I discovered the set analysis features for me and they seam to be quite helpful

      I'm struggeling a bit with the understanding and the cases when to use what. Maybe you can help.


      For getting results for "where" conditions I was using before:


      or Count(If(DimColor='green',Field1,0)

      For getting cumulated sums or counts I was using

      Count(Total <Dim1, Dim2> Field1) or aggr()


      And all of it was quite tricky and also depending whether the datamodel was one table or several rational connected tables.

      Additionally sometimes I needed to ajust the datamodel so I could make it work using the above mentioned methods.


      With set analysis it seems so easy to get the things work.


      So coming back to the question what are the differences of the methods and where should I use what?

      Could you give me a quick guideline.


      Thank you so much in advance