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    Setting color title

    amir ohev shalom

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to edit some header chart and everything I tried did not succeed and I'd love ideas.

      There is a following header: = 'Country:' & COUNTRY_DESC

      I was interested only word Country: stay painted in a specific color.

      How do I do it?



      Thanks in advance

        • Re: Setting color title
          Jonathan Poole

          You can't have 2 different colors on the same text field.  The caption can only be one color, as can the 'show title in chart' text available on the general tab of the chart properties.


          I would suggest using text boxes , potentially overlaid over the caption to create 2 different pieces of text that are vertically aligned by are colored differently


          Here the red is in a different text box. The layout tab / layer property is set to top and the general tab / transperency is set to 100%. I kept the borders on to show the box below, but definitely remove them (also layout tab)