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    Help on QV server sizing

    ajay ajay

      Hi Everyone,


      I need some one help to define the QV server sizing. I got one "QV server Sizing" excel from the community for calculation.


      Total Size of the QVD's  used in application is : 30 Gb (Here i considered the size of the qvd 1 time only if its used more than 1 time in script)


      But my QVW is size is 12.5 GB. But as per the attached excel formuala " On average a qvw is a 12th of the original size of the data being loaded into it."


      Is i need to consider the size of the qvd if i used 2 times in my script?  Like XX qvd size 9 Gb and used in 2 times in my script then i need to consider 9 gb or 18 GB?


      When am calculating i considered 9 gb only...It it right?


      Based on this i need to know RAM,CPU requirement.



      More Thanks,