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    Oracle query and QV

    Robert Szarek

      dear all,


      anyone with experience of linking QV to Oracle based DB?

      I have an Oracle query created by the Oracle external expert add have linked it to QV through ODBC.

      all works good but:

      - query prepares data for 13 minutes before QV starts loading them

      - I deployed few desktop QV versions within my team, and now I am affraid that if 2 people start refresh process the same time then the query, being run twice could have serious problems to prepare the data.

      WHat are the possible ways to address those issues?

      tanks for any help

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          Donnie Clark

          A QVD layer would isolate your applications from the database. You can create a centralized extract layer that grabs the data from the Oracle DB and loads into QVDs. Then load the applications from the QVDs.


          Is 13 minutes resonable for the data being pulled back? If not, the SQL query could be likely be optimized as well.

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              Robert Szarek

              Thanks Donie for the hint. some questions:


              1. QVD file - I assume it won't limit the time of my load (data need to be prepared by Oracle query anyhow) but it make us possible to create separate files loaded from .qvd. This is something. Is it possible to trigger .qvd loads authomatically? for instance to have it loaded every day 5:00 a.m.? how could I do this?

              2. I don't know Oracle at all, but as far as I am aware, the data are finally stored in the SQL  view, and the time is so long due to few mappings done on the data. I was reading .qvd and there is possibility of incremental loads - however I assume it won't cut my timing, because to have the data incrementally loaded they need to be prepared first in full, and this process takes ~13 minuts - am I right?