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    NPrinting Deployment on Cluster Environment

      We have Two NODES in our environment. We would like to install NPrinting service on both nodes.

      Node 1 url : server1-test

      Node 2 url : server2-test

      What should developer enter in their NPrinting extensions Hostname. should we use some F5 load balance url or is there any best practice out there to install NPrinting service on cluster environment.?



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          Frank Savino

          NPrinting currently does not support the use of software/hardware clusters or web load balancers. The program is not able to calculate the round robin algorithm which is used by Cluster or Load balancers to distribute load. Thus only single NPrinting server configuration is possible. Load cannot be balanced across several NPrinting servers using cluster or load balance technology. If you need to spread the load, you can install multiple NPrinting servers and distribute the number of NSQs by the the number of NPrinting servers that you have.


          For example,


          If you have 100 NSQs and 2 NP Server. Rather than loading 100 nsqs on a single NP server, you can load 50 NSQs on one server and the other 50 on the second NP Server.


          To emulate a clustered environment, you need to install NPrinting on a single node of this type of cluster. If you need fault tolerance, you need to install a second NPrinting server on the second node and configure it manually to match the configuration of the primary node. Any changes made on the Primary node must be made manually on the second node of the cluster. Changes made on the primary NPrinting server node are not automatically replicated to the second NPrinting server node.


          If you are using the Qlik Access point, then you need to install the NPrinting On Demand component objects on the Access Point web server and ensure that you enable 'extensions' in the Qlikview Management Console.


          The hostname used in the On Demand report or task objects should be either the Name or IP address of the NPrinting server. The name used must be resolvable by the DNS server in your environment.


          If using SSL, then you need to apply the following documentation to your environment to enable SSL.

          NPrinting On-Demand: Architecture and Configuration

          To ensure you have met On Demand requirements, feel free to visit the link below:

          NPrinting 16 On-Demand: Supported Environments and Requirements