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    Qlikview Publisher Installation

    Rajat Arora



      I am setting up Qlikview Server and Publisher on 2 different machine.

      For that I have done the installation like below


      Machine 1 (Qlikview Server)

      - Qlikview Server

      - Qlikview Web Server (IIS)



      Machine 2 (Qlikview Publisher)

      - QlikView Distribution Service

      - QlikView Directory Service

      - QlikView Management Service


      The QVW files to be hosted will be kept in a drive which will be a Shared Drive on my Qlikview Server Machine (Machine 1).

      Hope having the QVW files stored in Shared drive won't affect any thing.


      Please give if any suggestions or corrections are required in this setup.


      Thanks in Advance!



      Rajat Arora