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    Sizing QlikView Server

    Seng Hour Vicheary BE



      I want to conceive a new Qlikview architecture and  for that I have to choose specially the right hardware requirements for deploying an QlikView Server.

      I would like to have some recommendation or help on the choice of equipement.


      For information, all applications are run and used every day.

      The scope of application is:


      • 1 application   of 800 mo  with 10 users who work simultaneous everyday
      • 1 application of 500 mo    with 7 user who work simultaneous everyday
      • 4 applications of 300 mo with  20 users 
      • 4 applications  of 200 mo with 20   users
      • 4 applications of 150 mo with 10 users
      • 4 applications of 120 mo with 20  users
      • 4 applications de 50 mo  with 20   users
      • 20 applications in annex around 30 Mo with  30 users



      The majority of application offer the possibility to the users to calculate  aggregation  ( by complex set analysys) and we need to have good performances..


      I hope you could help me…


      Thanks in advance