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    Excel column with a formula is showing as null in Qlik Sense visualizations

    Michael Dove

      I am getting null values for the dates when I have an Excel document that has the date as a long form number(1.43E+12) so I create a new column and calculate the date stamp (=((K5+(-4*3600000))/86400000)+25569). The rows with the calculated fields show as in Qlik Sense. So when I sort by date these records are immediaely excluded.  I copied my formula column in Excel and the pasted it as values and made sure the cell format was "date". However, it does not change what happens when I load it into Qlik Sense.


      When I look at the Data Manager or the Data Model Viewer it shows the fields find and validates each row has a value. It is just when I put it into a visualization the value disappears.


      Any thoughts?


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