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    dots on image



      Its been lots of questions and discussions related to google maps and dots pointing out regions and how to build dynamic ones by playing with colours and size of the dots depending on if values in-/descreases or what it may be depending on.


      I have a similair question when it comes to the same effect but with other dependencies and objects :


      How can I make dynamic dots on an image, saying where on the image the dots should be placed depending on, lets say column 'ID' in dimension A, where A contains the identifiers of positions that B(unique rows) that should be summed up. Would also end up in how the dots should look like, in-/decreased or perhaps with another color for if its very frequent or not.


      Been searching around looking for how objects could be added in a sheet in form of parts of charts or standalone objects as a smal chart with data from one dimension only and expressions telling how dynamic it could be.


      Its hard to explain it in Words and at the same time not making it hard to understand.


      Any ideas?