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      in qlikview education license how many cals are there?



      And How to create cals?

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          AVIRAL NAG



          There are 4 Cals:

          1. Named Cal

          2. Doc Cal

          3. Usage Cal

          4. Session Cal


          See this Post:

          what is the use of following CALs


          You can't create Cal, you have to buy it from QlikTech.




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            P M

            All users need license from the QlikView Server to access or open a document/qvw. This license is referred as CALs i.e. Client Access License.

            This license is required when user or developer access qvw in QlikView desktop or through Access point url.

            CALs are acquired with the purchase of the QlikView Server and therefore are server based not client based.Since CALs come with the server, they are specific to the Server.

            CALs types – Following types of CALs are available in QlikView

            1. 1.  Named User CAL
            2. 2. Document CAL
            3. 3. Session CAL
            4. 4. Usage CAL

            Named User CAL:

                 Named user CAL is specific to the user or the machine. It cannot be shared, but user with this type of license can access any number      of documents and for unlimited duration. This type of license is best suited for the developers and designers, creating the dashboard or      dedicated users who need 24 * 7 access to the dashboarding application.

            Document CAL:

                 Document CAL associates user to the document instead of the QlikView Server. It allows user to access only one QlikView      document.This type of license is good for the users who are interested in only one specific document.

            Session CAL:

                 Session CAL is not tied to a specific user or a machine. Session CALs allows a single user to access multiple document. Session      CALs are used in a setup when there are large number of non-frequent users. Users can use the license as long as it is available. A      Session CAL is locked for a minimum of 15 minutes, when used. If a specific user is not accessing a document for over 15 minutes      then this CAL is available and can be used by other users.

            Usage CAL:

                 A Usage CAL gives a user the ability to initiate one session i.e. accessing one document per running 28-day period.This license is      also not tied to a specific user. Usage CAL and Session CAL can be used in combination.

            Leasing of QlikView License

                 QlikView developer/user can lease a license from the server so that the user can work offline for a period of 30 days. The QlikView      client once connected to the server will obtain a Named User CAL. A user can lease a license from the Server by opening a qvw on      the server from QlikView desktop.


            Also PFA.