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    How to use aggregate function

    Ruslans Klimovs

      Hello, Please help in a simple question!!


      I have the following table

      Client_Number  | Agetn_Name_in_STA | STA_Money_2015

      2                         Alex                                   14

      2                         Alex                                   1

      2                         Michel                                  11

      3                         Alex                                        3


      I use an aggregation function:

      =aggr(MAX(aggr(SUM(STA_Money_2015), Client_Number, Agetn_Name_in_STA )), Client_Number)


      As the result, I have MAX sum value in the column.


      How can I get no the MAX sum value, but the Agetn_Name_in_STA value, which have this MAX sum value??


      Thank you in advance!