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    chart Layout

    Lorna Louw

      hi guys


      What effect does the 'Size to data' setting have on objects in Nprint?


      I dont quite understand how the resizing in NPrint works.



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          the most common sizing that I have experienced is the Stretch property.  By default, the objects come into NPrinting as the same size they are in QlikView.  The stretch property allows you to define a fixed overall size, a fixed width only or a fix height only

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              I believe size to data adjsuts the table/list size based on the amount of data.  In Nprinting, if you have multiple objects on your template (verticle) then objects below will not start until after the one above has finished


              For exmple, in an Excel tempalte, if you have 2 charts and you place in the template with a blnak row, regardless of how big the first chart is, the second chart will not start until 1 blank row after the first chart ends


              with tables, that is the Expand Range property