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    xplan integration

      Hi There,


      I would like to find out if anyone has been able to use QlikView to pull data from Xplan? It is a hosted program by a company called Iress.com and if I can get QlikView to access the data it would be a great help.

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          Agnivesh Kumar

          find is any odbc driver available for this .

          Then it is easily possible.

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            Milind Deshmukh

            what is the database used in this ?

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                Sorry for the late reply, I have been on training. for the last few days. I am testing QlikView to see if it can work with the current system that I have at my company. Currently we use an online platform called xPlan to do your day to day capturing and I would like to find a way to pull the data from xPlan so that I can view it using QlikView.


                I am busy testing a few different platforms at the moment so that I can present to senior management.

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                I have contacted the vendor to see if there is any ODBC access or an API that can be used. I am not to sure how long it will take them to get back me.

                Currently, our process is, we download csv files from the vendors system, which is all web based so I am unsure of the underlying database system or structure. The csv files are used to update an excel spreadsheet based of various sorts and filters, which is then used as a calculator for the final spread sheet which updates to display the dashboard/report in excel and then saved to PDF. The dashboard is mainly updated from this excel calculator, but does also pull information from a few more excel spread sheets which are updated via the various teams in their respective departments.


                We are trying to see if we can use QlikView to produce the dashboards without having to rely on the excel spreadsheets. We are investigating moving our setup into a RDBMS type of system and at that time it will be a lot easier to utilise QlikView, but in the meantime I need to try and get a demo for management working so that I can demonstrate the power of QlikView.


                I have not had the time yet to play around with QlikView to see how it works. That I am planning for over the next 2 weeks. Before I end up going down a rabbit hole, I thought to ask first about pulling csv and xlsx files into QlikView and how hard it is to configure to display the dashboards that we currently get from Excel.


                Once I have played around with QlikView a bit more, I am sure it will be easy. So I will check back in a week or 2 once I have tried myself. 

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                    Hi Nathan, Did you manage to get any response from xplan support? Do share as I've been made to wait for the past 5 days. Been calling and emailing them, but all I get from them is to be patient and that someone will look into it.