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    Psycho Filter Won't Go Away

    Chris Kelley

      I have an app that opens every time with one filter applied. I have removed it and saved the app again, and it still opens with the filter - and it does not matter which browser I'm using, and I've tried to reboot (client and server), clear each browser (chrome, firefox, and safari), but the filter keeps coming up each time the app is opened or refreshed on screen.


      How do I kill off this filter?

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          Estela Nunes



          Have you checked if you have a bookmark?

          Just click on the following icon at your application, and delete the bookmark.



          Let us know if it worked,



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            Try renaming the label in your script.


            For example, if your script says this:

            lastName.USERS_DATA_MG as "Last Name",


            go into the script and modify it to be slightly different.  For example:

            lastName.USERS_DATA_MG as "User Last Name",

            Make sure you find all of the places that your script references LAST NAME and replace with USER LAST NAME.

            Reload the data.   Go into your vizs and any viz with "invalid dimension"- update it with the new label.

            This should fix the problem.