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    Using WHERE not equal with a string value

    Robert Fishel

      Hello my QlikView friends.  I am trying to load some data and filter out particular strings using wildcards.  I wasn't sure if I should be using IF statements, so I was trying to use WHERE.  I cannot get my script to work properly.  Basically, I am trying to replicate the COUNTIFS formula from Excel as below in the load script of my QlikView application.  Any help figuring this out is greatly appreciated






      Here is what I have in QlikView


      LOAD BUS_AREA AS Line,

                QUEUECD AS Queue,

                TAG_LINE_CMMT AS Tag



      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Data)


      AND QUEUECD <> 'END'

      AND TAG_LINE_CMMT Like '*PC5*'

      AND TAG_LINE_CMMT <> '*APC5*'

      AND TAG_LINE_CMMT <> '*PC5A*'

      AND TAG_LINE_CMMT <> '*NPC5*';