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    Bar chart resizing when selection made

    Chris Weldon

      New to QlikView so please be gentle!  Think I am getting to grips with it, but I need help...

      I have a bar chart with about 15 countries on the x-axis, where the bars are showing YTD sales performance against plan (+/- % with labels.


      However, I have a number of other pieces on information, PY Sales, Full Year Plan, Full Year Forecast I would like to show in a table below for the same countries.  I would really like them to line up!


      I can get this to work if all the countries are selected, but when I change the list box settings, obviously the chart is redrawn and the bars become wider.  Is there anyway to stop that, and just leave the right hand side of the chart blank?  Then the pivot table underneath would still line up (driven by the same selections from the list box.


      The other way I wondered about doing it was changing the labels on the x axis to reflect the 4 or 5 values, separated by returns to make it look like a table.  But I don't know how - and I think the country name  would have to be vertical, and the rest would need to be horizontal?


      Does any of that make sense?  Sorry - still using Personal Edition while our IT guys get the real thing set up , so I can't open anyone elses work / examples!


      Many thanks in advance!