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    Create a block chart

      I need a heat map in our report. then I create a block chart in QlikView, I want to size the block by field A and  color the blocks by field B

      Now the block size could be shown correct by field A. but the color can't be shown correctly by filed B


      My requirement:

      when the field B < lower threshold, it will display red, 


      when lower threshold < field B< upper threshold, it will display yellow, 


      when field B> upper threshold, it will display green


      How to set the colors and make it works? If possible, please help to provide the detail steps. Thanks very much!



      BTW, my first dimension is County, the second dimension is region, the third dimension is province, and the blocks present provinces. The size presents the customers for the province,  the color presents the sales in the province.

      I had the expression in COLOR properties, but the color in blocks always for the total sales of the county, NOT for the region. i.e all the blocks in the country always display the same color.



      Anybody can help me? it's very urgent, please~~~