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    Pivot Table Colum Problem


      I have a Problem with Pivot Tables.

      This is only an example: I have a Pivot Table with 2 data colums "Name" and "Status" which represents how many of the projects were declined or closed the the total sum of the Status for each Name. At the end I have inserted a new colum a quote. But there is the problem. It makes also 2 extra colums for each status, and this is very annoying, I don't need them and they are wrong ==> red colums.

      Prefered Solution:
      I would like to get a Pivot Table with the quote colum only at the end at the right side, and I don't need the red coloured colums (delete them)

      I hope somebody could help me. For the solutions please use my attached .qvw file.

      Thank you.



        • Pivot Table Colum Problem
          Sathish G


          Please find the attachements.

          I don't know u r lookinf this or not?



          • Pivot Table Colum Problem


            There doesn't see to be any obvious answer. As you are using it in Totals, but do not want in the pivot columns.

            A Workaround could be to keep a straight table instead, and use expressions for closed and declined numbers, and for for the Quote.

            Doing it in Pivot table will be difficult. If anyone finds a better way, I will be interested to know that too.

              • Pivot Table Colum Problem

                The solution from Kumar is not that what I am searching for, I attached a better explanation into my .qvw file, so I think it gets clearer my problem.

                What I like as solution is the exact same representation in the pivot table only without the red coloured ones, they are wrong and annoying.

                I need the total sum column because if not I only get the representation of the "diclined" in the field "Status". And I need Pivot Table and not Straight Table in my real application.

                The quote column should be connectet only to the 1 column with the Name, the Status is only a represation of how I get to the quote, but I also need to represent them within the Pivot Table but it should have no connection with the Quote Column at the end. It is tricky.

                Maybe somebody has a solution for this.