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    QlikView OCX C#, Get list of sheet objects

    Lotfi Benkhider


      I have a question about QlikView OCX, I want  to convert from VBScript to C# these expressions :


      Set MySheet = ActiveDocument.GetSheet(i)


      MsgBox (MyCharts(j).GetObjectId )


      a tried this :


      Sheet MySheet = axQlikOCX1.ActiveDocument.GetSheet(i);

      SheetObject [] MyCharts = MySheet.GetSheetObjects();



      but a i have this error :

      "Cannot implicitly convert type 'object' to 'QlikView.SheetObject[]'."


      in QlikView API guide, the type of GetSheetObjects() method is "Variant (Array of SheetObject)"


      Someone could help me to solve this problem ?


      Thank you in adavance


      Best regard's