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    link calendar table

    Joanna Seldon



      i have three tables




      OrderID  OrderDateTime







      PackingID  PackingDateTime





      ShipmentID  ShipmentDateTime

      i want these two tables to share the same calendar...and use same e.g financial year filter pane to add up e.g count (orderID)

      i do not wish to rename change the fields so they match, as you end up with more e.g in a KPI ....COUNT(ORDERID)

      i do not wish to rename all the same , ShipmentDateTime, PackingDateTime, OrderDateTime to eg datetime as it causes a synthetic key

      i have seen this

      Tutorial - Using Common Date Dimensions and Shared Calendars

      i have seen the tutorial

      but all i get is a circular reference.

      i seen many tutorials and no joy

      is there any code that outlines a master calendar that can be used to link multiple tables based solely on date

      please help

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          Michael Solomovich



          I'm sure you missed something if you're getting synthetic keys and/or circular references.  From your description, all you need is a master calendar (there are plenty examples on the forum) with a key field, let's call it Date, and rename all of your date fields to Date, removing the time part this way:


          floor(OrderDateTime) as Date

          floor(PackingDateTime) as Date

          floor(ShipmentDateTime) as Date

          (Depending on the format of the Date field in the calendar, you maybe need to add date() function to the above.)


          Edit: Second thought - you probably have already some common fields in Orders, Shipments, and Packing tables that you forgot to mention.  If this is the case, you can concatenate all three into one table.