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    SSRS to Qlikview

      Hi All,


      We use SSIS 2012, SSRS 2012 and SQL Server 2012.


      Below is how our project is set up.


      Our users access our dashboard thorugh a portal which is built on .Net framework. The role and hiearchy are stored in tables. Any user addition or modification is done through the portal by Admin. So basically, our user database and the respective access level are set up through .Net interface. E.g Say when a store manager logs in, he would be redirected to the Store Dashboard and when a district manager logs in, he would be redirected to the District Dashboard which will list all the stores in the district and he would be able to view the store dashboard by drillthrough.


      Since we have the security layer set up and access in .Net, I need your guidance on whether we can use the same functionality in qlikview.