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    Fieldvalue shows ok in QlikView but not in access point

    Michiel van de Goor

      I use a fieldvalue to generate 5 custom headers in a straight table.


      These show correct in QlikView but not in the access point.


      This is the used syntax for the headers: =FieldValue('Interval openstaand', '1')  -> (1 to 5)

      and this is the expression in the column: sum({<%Key_invoice_details_openstaand = {'1'}>}[Openstaand factuurbedrag]) -> (1 to 5)


      In my current data set only has value 1, 4 and 5.


      The data however is shifted to a earlier column (Fieldvalue 4 is shown in column where expression value = 2)


      Using QlikView 11.20 SR10