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    Modify aspect of datas loaded (put dash on a number reference)

      Hi everyone,


      I am now facing a new problem I can't figure out : for a same project, depending from where I load the information I need, I will have my sales reference with two different aspects. To give an exemple :

      - in the CRM, the sale is SI-15-1010A

      - in the ERP, the sale is SI151010A

      When the company was using Excel to make analysis, they were able to connect those 2 sales reference through a formula (adding or erasing the dash)


      So as this code is the key to connect all the information available about each sale and project, I am looking for a way to be able to load it with the same aspect into Qlik Sense through my data model.

      Is it possible to create a dimension adding or erasing those dashes?


      Thank you in advance!