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    How to escape comma in Single API?



      I'm using Single API and wanna make some selections.

      Unfortunately, when value contains comma, QS recognizes it as two separated values. As result, I'm getting object without any selections.


      Here are URL and WebSocket frame:

      ...&select=Game,Invisible, Inc.

      {"method":"SelectValues","handle":2,"params":[[{"qText":"Invisible"},{"qText":" Inc."}],false,true],"id":4,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}


      Are there any ways to escape comma?

      I've already tried backslash, quotes, URL-encoding (as %2C).



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          Stefan Walther

          Hi tesluk1809,


          unfortunately there is currently no way to escape the comma in Qlik Sense 1.0 - 2.1. We are aware of this and currently working on a solution which we will hopefully be able to deliver in the next version.


          As a temporary workaround I suggest to do the following:


          - Create an additional field based on Game where you remove all commas and then use this field to select the values. In the UI still just show "Game" ... not ideal, but at least some workaround to get the desired selections.


          Hope this helps,




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