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    Problem with Pivot Table not working properly

      Good morning,


      I have a pivot table and I'll try to do a brief explanation about how she works before going to my problem:

           - Selecting a Treatment, all others Treatments that are in the same Code appears. Example: In Code A_02 I have T1, T1, ... T7, if I select T1 the table shows T2 ... T7

           - First column is a count of how many areas the Treatment is

           - Second column (with table collapsed) is the avg() of Productivity from the Treatment selected

           - Second column (with table expandade) is the avg() Productivity of each area from the Treatment selected

           - Third column is the Productivity avg() of the Treatments in column 0 (which is my dimension)


      In the first table all Treatments data only shows when the line of my selected treatment is expanded, if you expand everything else the selected treatment being expanded aswell, nothing will show. Columns victory, draw and loss only works for the selected treatment.


      Now the second table is the table that I would like to be working, because I dont really need to show what I selected in that table, I only need to show all other Treatments that are in the same Code as my treatment being selected. But unfortunately without showing what I am selecting, the table doesn't even expand and I dont know why, I would like to have this working properly aswell.


      If I'm not clear enough, I can try describe my problem a little bit more.


      I attached an example (with reduced data) which should help to understand.


      B.R Allison