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    Dynamically extending tables

    Oliver Krause

      Dear all,

      I read in a number of entries, each with 3 Dates: Date_1, Date_2, Date_3. Each date is the Thursday of a week.

      Now I would need to display a dynamicly extending(?) table showing the 3 dates AND
      In between these dates extend the displayed table with more rows, one for each "missing week":


      E.g. when I read in
      Date_1 = 2015-08-06
      Date_2 = 2015-08-20
      Date_3 = 2015-08-27


      I would need to display a table like:
      Date_1 = 2015-08-06
      Date_1+1 = 2015-08-13
      Date_2 = 2015-08-20
      Date_3 = 2015-08-27


      If 2 weeks or 4 weeks are missing in between 2 dates, I need to add these 4 lines...


      Can anyone help?

      Thanks & Best regards