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    how store QVD in new format?

    Alexander Korsikov

      hello all.

      I am doing some tests.

      Сreate QVD in QlikView 11.20, QlikView12 and Qlik Sense 2.0.3

      the result was 3 files created in three versions

      hen I load the data from these files in different versions.

      All this file load in QV 11.20

      qv11.20 << qlikview11.20 (qvd optimized) 26 lines fetched
      qv12 << qlikview12 (qvd optimized) 1 942 lines fetched
      QlikSEnse << qliksense (qvd optimized) 191 lines fetched

      in QlikView 12

      qv11.20 << qlikview11.20 (old qvd (row based) optimized) 26 Lines fetched
      qv12 << qlikview12 (old qvd (row based) optimized) 1 942 Lines fetched
      QlikSEnse << qliksense (old qvd (row based) optimized) 191 Lines fetched

      in Qlik Sense v 2.0.3


      Выбранные строки: 1 971 qw11.20 << qlikview11.20 (файл QVD в виде строк оптимизирован) Выбранные строки: 26 qv12 << qlikview12 (файл QVD в виде строк оптимизирован) Выбранные строки: 1 942 QlikSense << qliksense (файл QVD в виде строк оптимизирован) Выбранные строки: 191


      файл QVD в виде строк оптимизирован - File QVD row based optimized


      How store QVD in new format?

      In old version Qlik Sense generate message (QVD file generated by version 11.2 or lower was detected. Use STORE INTO to optimize and columnize this file.)

      vd (row based) optimizedqvd (row based) optimized

        • Re: how store QVD in new format?
          Torben Seebach

          Hi Alexander,


          The short answer is no cannot store in a different QVD format. Qlik officially says where is only a single format. In Qlik Sense 1.0 and 1.1 its correct there existed a column QVD format. But this has been changed in 2.0, to the same format as QlikView 11 uses. QlikView 12 should therefor use the exact same format as previous versions.


          I can see your load editor gives you a different message. But can you check that load times are the same? If they are then its just bad messaging from Qlik and maybe you should report it.