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    QlikView administrator versus Document administrator

      Dear all,


      We are setting up a secured administration environment in a QlikView publisher environment: some users can administer all settings in de management console, some should only be able to administer part of these settings.


      We are running into some access problems, and I am struggling to completely understand the details. Therefore:


      (1) General question: what is the exact difference between the rights/permissions of a Document Administrator versus a QlikView Administrator? For some-one to access the QEMC, should he member of both or is Document Administrator enough (he should only be able to administer a small set of the QEMC settings!)


      More depth on the problem currently at hand:


      (2) Specific issue: we are accessing the QEMC from remote; that is via de http link (http://<serveradress>/4780/QEMC). The accounts listed as QlikView Administrator can  access the link. However someone specifically listed as QlikView Document Administrator (and not as QlikView Administrator) is not able to access the link.

      He has no direct access (Remote Desktop) to the server.


      Thanks! Koen

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          neetha P

          Hi Koen,


          QlikView Administrators : The QlikView Administrators group is used for granting access to the QlikView Management Console (QMC) as well as authorization of communication between services, if Windows Authentication is used.

          Document Administrators : The set of people who are authorized to create tasks & publish in QlikView Management Console are called as Document Administrators

          The QlikView Document Administration functionality allows a dashboard developer to access the QEMC for the

          purposes of administering their dashboards. When enabled, the dashboard developer will be able to schedule

          data loads and distribution of their dashboard.

          Document Administrators will have access to their own dashboard infrastructure within the QEMC Status and

          Document tabs, but they will not have access to the other Enterprise configuration tabs within the QEMC.