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    SAP QlikView OLAP connector - help

    M D

      I have few questions as to how QV SAP connector interact with SAP systems BI module.



      1) If I have a query (i can edit in Bex editor) define all the inclusion & exclusion restriction. Save it.


      2) If i now call this above query via QlikView OLAP connector, would it run query with all the restrictions. or do i need to reapply those restrictions again at QV connector level.


      3) If in point#2, i have to apply restrictions at QV level, then i understand Incusion part, how do you exclude something. Because Slices allows you to include things.


      4) When we execute SAP query via OLAP Qlikview connector, does it get executed at BIA (Accelerator level) behind the scene?


      Concern: I have a query that i am running which takes 2 minutes directly from BEX, however takes forever via QlikView. I am trying to troubleshoot.

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          Yaniv Feldman



          The restrictions in the General Filters are applied when extracting BEx Query results to QlikView.However if you have any restrictions for Default Values -  as far as I recall, they will not be applied for the resulting data in QlikView.


          I reckon extracting data from a BEx query using OLAP connector should utilize BWA.

          Not sure what you refer to as SAP Query. Do you mean queries maintained in t-code SQ01? If so, please consider using the SAP Query Connector. The OLAP Connector works only with BEx Queries.


          Finally, with regards to OLAP Connector performance. Did you try extracting the data from BEx queries using the BEx Connector (available since version 5.9)? It should have better performance than the OLAP Connector.


          Anyhow, I would recommend you to read the SAP Connector User Manual and Release notes for the version  you have installed.